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VoIP Solutions

Practical Solutions for Start-up Business Entities Providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offer useful solutions to start-up enterprises. Indeed, VoIP is a big boost to modernization efforts of phone companies. The technology has transformed traditional telephone service and introduced features that include voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting. With virtual PBX, you more »

Should you upgrade your Cat5 cable to Cat6 or Cat6a?

A business decision is approaching. Most companies have Cat5/5e cable in their offices. And it has served well in providing reliable data access to servers, peripherals and the Internet. Cat5/5e runs at speeds up to 1gb (also known as 1000Base-T). Cat6 runs at 10gb but has sorter runs. Whereas Cat5 can have cable lengths of more »

Upgrade Comparison: Cat6a vs. Cat7 vs. Fiber Cabling Analysis

We were asked to bid on a cabling project that is fairly straight-forward. It involves replacing the existing Cat5 cable with either Cat6a, Cat7 or fiber cable. The site is an open, standard modern office with a drop ceiling and hollow office walls. The client needs 64 single drops to existing wallplates, three new 24-port more »

Microsoft is Ma Bell

Remember the 60s? I do. We had a rotary phone and it made phone calls. Our number was Whitehall 6-4990. And it was an amazing device that allowed us to talk to our friends and family by simply spinning the dial for each number and waiting for someone to pick up the phone on the more »

The Microsoft Effect

It began so well. Microsoft wrote DOS. They started small and they created an operating system for the IBM PC that opened up a new world for the common, everyday programmer. DOS was sometimes a bit tricky. I recall issues with getting printers and modems to work. There was no graphic user interfaces. There was more »

Do Not Use Basket Tray against a Tight Ceiling

When a new office design is in its initial stages, it is critical to consider proper handling of utilities, power water and cabling inside the walls and ceiling. For cabling, it is necessary to use hooks to hold the cables above the drop ceiling. When the installation of cable involves large numbers of cables traversing more »

Constant Contact is Critical for Business Success

Creating a happy and loyal customer base is difficult, if not impossible, without the ability to stay in contact. By upgrading from a traditional land line based phone system to a much more versatile VOIP phone system you can provide your employees with the communication platform they need for success. Unlike traditional land line based more »

Affordable Growth with VOIP

Every small business owner hopes that their endeavor is successful and that their business can continue to grow and expand. With a traditional land line phone system making the necessary changes for growth can be complex and expensive but a VOIP phone system allows for easy and affordable expansion. Adding phones to a traditional business more »

Seamless Communication from Anywhere with VOIP

There is absolutely no doubt that portable forms of communication like cell phones have completely changed the way that businesses operate. A cell phone allows you to keep in contact with customers and coworkers from the road or from a hotel so you never miss an opportunity to improve your relationship, answer a question or more »

Consider the Big Picture of VOIP Savings

There are a number of strategies that small business owners can employ to improve their bottom line, but few can have the profoundly positive immediate and long term impact of switching to VOIP service. In fact many commonly employed strategies for trimming costs or boosting profits can actually have a negative effect on either customers more »