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What is Certification and is it really necessary?

Environmental Problems with Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A Cable Cable must be installed so that external environmental factors do not have an effect on the performance of the network. Problems can occur at the patch panel punch down, at the wall plate jack and anywhere along the cable itself. Maybe an inadvertent kink is in the […]

Cable Basket Trays – Uses and Benefits

Cable basket trays are described as go-to solutions for routing and supporting numerous cable runs. The wired frame enhances air circulation and cable ventilation. This can be appropriate beneath desks, elevated floors, or hanging tray systems. You can assemble basket trays for intersections, horizontal sections, mounting braces, hardware, and tray cutters. The cable basket tray […]

Are you Ready for 1gb Internet?

Your city might be poised for a dramatic increase in Internet speed into your office. Right now, you might have DSL Internet running on Cat5e cable at speeds of up to 25 – 30mb. But 1gb Internet is coming. New high-speed fiber optic networks are being built that will bring 1gb Internet to your office’s […]

Cable Network Trays as Support Systems

Cable trays for networks are support systems that can be mounted on walls or hang up from ceilings. The trays are fabricated from aluminum or steel. These come in deepness of 2, 3, 4 and 6 inches. There are also multiple designs like trough (single rail), ladder, basket, and wire-mesh. The single rail is designed […]

Resolving Vital Issues in Network Cabling

The quality of information flow is no better than the medium that carries it. This is the cabling network. The structured cabling platform will ensure that information flows efficiently through the cabling system. It consists of transmission tools applied according to standard engineering designs that enable users to transmit voice and data signals. The controlled […]

Reviewing Tools for Cabling Installation

Cabling installation requires a lot of expertise. This is important due to the complexity of networks cables for data and communication services.  There are tools installers use to install and test cables. Some of the instruments include carts and caddies. Basic Implements Network carts and caddies hold cable spools for easier pulling. Reels can be […]

Punch Down Tools in Data Cabling

Punch-down tools are important for terminating cables in Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) connecting blocks, patch bays and terminal jacks. These reliable tools have been present for many years. However, manufacturers do not stop in developing accessibility and labor concerns. Punching down is the term used for the physical force needed to pierce or take away […]

Powerful Networks in Structured Cabling

It is known that structured cabling systems are fabricated to guarantee that information flows efficiently through the network. Such system are made up of transmission products installed based on appropriate guidelines in engineering design. These enable users to put into operation voice and data systems that capitalizes on speed. This particular configuration has emerged as […]

Facts about Data Cable Testing

Testing always plays a vital role in the process of installing new cables or servicing existing ones. Regular testers for data cabling include length, wire crimper map, attenuation, return loss, and DC loop resistance. Complex Cabling Needs Cabling infrastructure requirements have become more complicated. More standards are being developed for cabling professionals in testing and troubleshooting copper […]

Is it Practical to Use Cat6 Cable?

Data volume has grown extensively. Also, the processing capacity to users continues to get grow. Specialists in data management forecast that information production will be 44 times larger in five years with enterprises needing to process and safeguard 80 percent of the new data. Data Cables For these reasons, you might need to become more […]