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Written by Stu Kushner

6 Signs that Indicate You Need a Network Upgrade – Part 1

Innovations from modern technology are empowering companies to work more intelligently and faster. Mobile devices and the cloud are offering greater flexibility, scalability, and productivity. Unfortunately, organizations with older networks are unable to fully benefit. This is especially true for those equipped with cabling that is more than 10 years old. Below will discuss the six symptoms indicating your business may need a network upgrade.


1) Data Centers Are Evolving


Modern data centers are being built using hyper-converged technology, expanding to 50GB, 100GB, and even larger environments. If your existing network deployment is pre or first-generation hyper-convergence, it can’t support today’s amount of traffic. Latency and lost data can happen due to an outdated network that does not feature new networking standards for packet optimization and intelligent routing.


2) Overwhelmed by Mobile Devices


A decade ago or so, a company’s network management only involved desktop computers. The growing number of mobile devices has transformed the modern workplace. Users no longer want to be attached to a single location. An outdated network cannot meet the demand for more access points and greater bandwidth, resulting in latency and crashes. A modern IT infrastructure that includes Cat6a cabling or newer can cope with many devices.


3) Applications Malfunctioning


IT networks that are five years or older cannot support the large volume of applications functioning over today’s networks. Companies are also increasingly less reliant on a single location for communications and execution of tasks. An outdated network infrastructure does not have the bandwidth needed to support the apps that keep a business running. This is where new cabling infrastructure providing 10G performance can help.


Part 2 will cover three more signs indicating your company may need a network upgrade.


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