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Written by Stu Kushner

Aging Cabling Infrastructure Can Hurt Company Performance

Innovations in AI, cloud computing, IoT, and mobile apps are swiftly changing today’s work environments. Staying current with the constant evolution of technology helps ensure your business is competitive and efficient. Network cabling also plays an important part, and the following will discuss why.

Upgrades Eventually Necessary

It is often the case that unless a company moves to another facility, no IT infrastructure upgrades will ever occur. Cabling, the application, data, and voice communications delivery system eventually become outdated. As the demand for data in terms of transmission speed and bandwidth is constantly growing, your company’s cabling will gradually become unable to meet your technical and business needs.

The new hardware and software solutions that can help your business compete and grow can’t be maximized if you have an outdated cabling system. It is like buying a brand-new Tesla and only being able to drive it on old, worn-out roads. Outdated cabling can be the source of severe network problems for an organization’s data center. Upgrading your cabling infrastructure will ensure you are future-proofed for the seven to the 10-year service life of the installation.

Main Reasons for Upgrading Now

  • Every data center will require increasingly faster data transmission rates as time passes. Thus, the cabling infrastructure must remain robust to cope with the constantly growing demand for data delivery and reliable connectivity.
  • Many network failures can be attributed to outdated cables. Although cabling usually totals only 5% of the capital expenditure for an IT network, up to 80% of network failures can be attributed to poor cabling.
  • A degraded cabling system can cause an increase in data errors and downtime. These issues will likely be the first signs that the cables of your IT infrastructure need to be replaced.
  • New technologies, including emerging solutions in unified communications, will be unable to be used or run well on “antique” cabling. For your business to remain competitive and grow, upgrading your outdated cabling infrastructure to be future-proofed will be necessary.


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