Written by Stu Kushner

Best Practices for Your Company’s Cable Management – Part 1

The following will discuss several best practices for organizing and managing networking cables. Basic planning can be very helpful because your team can conserve time and effort by implementing these best practices. In addition to looking professional, the proper organization of cables will ease maintenance and troubleshooting.


Label Each Cable


Having each cable labeled at both ends is critical. Labeling the short cable runs will also be worth it, especially when there is a need to test several circuits briefly. Some say this takes too much effort and time. However, the investment is returned the first time you are sure which specific cable requires testing, rather than having to sort through a messy tangle of unmarked cables.


Several companies manufacture label makers, and they can range up to $300. Portable models are the most convenient because they can be used in cramped areas. Buy a model that needs only one hand to operate and can be kept in your pocket. There are also label makers that provide a color display, hotkeys, and more memory for saving certain labels and symbols you use frequently.


Purchase Quality Cables


What can go wrong with poorly manufactured cables? Cheap cables are made with a copper core lower than the standard, which can result in signal loss. They also tend to stretch or break, so they have a greater probability of failure.


Although quality cables are more expensive, sometimes twice as much as cheap cables, they are typically worth the price. High-quality cables will have service lives of many years, and your network will be more reliable. They will also generate less EMI (electromagnetic interference) than low-quality cables, resulting in a superior signal.


Utilize Quality Terminations


Cheap terminations should be avoided because the savings won’t be worth it if they become loose.  When cables are properly crimped, there should not be a drop in connection when they are wiggled.


Avoid Overloaded Cable Trays; Cable Lengths Should Be Considered, and Color Code Your Cables.


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