CCTV Cabling System Consultants Atlanta GA Pittsburgh PAClosed-circuit television (CCTV) systems are created by setting up a series of video cameras in and around a business or home to create a closed system that transmits video feeds to a monitoring system. The monitor is typically a DVR host that records all of the video images. Modern CCTV is a digital surveillance system for security.

These systems include digital video recording (DVR), motion sensors, night vision, and 2-way audio recording. We can help you find a cost-effective solution for your office, school, store or restaurant. And we can provide a customized solution that meets you safety and security objectives.

  • Connect from anywhere to your new system with your smart device or via a web browser.
  • Outdoor, weather resistant cameras enable full coverage outside.
  • The presence of CCTV creates a preventative atmosphere that discourages vandalism.
  • Night vision that is effective up to 80 feet.

We can provide the cabling or the full solution.