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Written by Stu Kushner

Commercial & Residential Building Fiber Installation – Part 2

Part 2 will cover Taking Fiber Inside and Fiber to the Floor.

Taking Fiber Inside

In order to bring fiber into a facility, a cable must be routed from the outside distribution box into the building by going through the wall and plugging into another distribution box or distribution frame inside the basement or a telecommunications room.


Locating a fiber distribution point within a building has a couple of key benefits.


  • As network elements are housed indoors, the network’s service life will be longer. They will be protected from accidents, severe weather, and vandalism.


  • The installation process is faster. Operators typically route fiber cable from an apartment or office building’s basement upwards to the floor boxes on each floor. Thus, operators can access fiber efficiently and rapidly when a resident requires service.


Regardless of the type of network architecture – PON (passive optical network), point to point, or another configuration – after fiber cables have been run to the distribution frame or distribution box), they require being connectorized. Installers’ usage of pre-terminated cable in multi-dwelling installations is increasing in order to eliminate weak spots, minimizing the need for highly-trained engineers, and decrease installation times.


Fiber to the Floor


A very important decision a professional must consider during the fiber cable installation process for a multi-story apartment or commercial building is selecting the best method for running fiber cable from the basement to each floor.


In newly constructed buildings, this process is usually quite straightforward, especially when the architect created a building design and had the installation of fiber optic cable in mind and included a microduct.


For an installation team, the next crucial step is the decision of selecting the best of three methods for running fiber optic cable to each floor.


Part 3 will cover the three methods of blowing, pushing, pulling, and troubleshooting.


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