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Written by Stu Kushner

Future Proof Your School With 6 Cabling Strategies – Part 1

Throughout the U.S. schools are increasing their usage of digital educational materials to drive the learning of their students. A study by the U.S. Department of Education found that students achieved their learning goals up to 80% percent faster when utilizing a tech-based instruction approach, rather than traditional methods.

Bandwidth Requirements Are Increasing

The transition to digital materials and learning is resulting in increasing bandwidth requirements at schools throughout the country. This is especially true in areas with a fast-growing population. A school’s network infrastructure may be overwhelmed by the connectivity needs of numerous students trying to access the Internet simultaneously.

An FCC study from several years ago found that 80% of school administrators thought that their bandwidth was inadequate to meet the current demands of their students and staff. The situation has not improved markedly over time because of budget issues and the continuing rapid growth of digital learning.

Districts are struggling to cope with tight school funding at the federal and local levels. As a result, school administrators will have to spend more time and effort to obtain adequate bandwidth for students and staff in a cost-effective way.

Benefits of Greater Bandwidth

A recent survey of nearly 2,500 educators involved in advanced placement for writing found that almost 3 out of 4 pupils used smartphones for their assignments, 45% used e-readers, while 43% utilized iPads or tablets.

Meeting their student’s demand for greater bandwidth will result in educational benefits according to a Pew Research Center study as summarized below.

• More than 9 of 10 teachers believe that the Internet has contributed to their being able to access educational content, materials, and resources for their teaching.

• 7 of 10 teachers think the Internet has greatly enabled them to share ideas with teachers.

• Two-thirds believe the Internet has positively impacted their interactions with the parents of their students.

• Almost 6 out of 10 think that the Internet has greatly impacted their interactions with students.

Part 2 will discuss six cabling strategies that will help future proof your school.

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