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Get These 10 Benefits From a Cloud-Hosted PBX – Part 1

As a growing number of businesses decide to transition their phone system to the cloud, you are probably wondering if a cloud-hosted PBX will be a good fit for your company. Your existing phone system may be adequate for your current needs, so would replacing it with something new be worth the time and effort?

You should know that a cloud-hosted PBX offers several important advantages that are quite convincing. The following will discuss 10 benefits from for migrating your company phones to a cloud-hosted PBX system.

1) Significant Cost Savings

Implementing a cloud-hosted PBX solution will not mean having to invest in expensive and sophisticated hardware. This is due to the fact that your entire phone system will be managed and hosted in the cloud. You will only pay for services used and need not won’t have to worry about being technically knowledgeable. Costs are shared among many customers, and it is much less expensive than fixed lines.

A cloud-hosted PBX system does not have a geographic limitation, allowing businesses like call centers to save significantly on making long distance calls. Regardless of their locations, a multinational organization can consolidate its communication infrastructure into one system, making resulting in phone calls to another branch location like being treated as making an internal call. There are a multitude of call plans that include unlimited calls to cell numbers, resulting in a major decrease of in the average cost per call.

2) Time Savings

For a typical PBX system, expanding an office will would require ordering hardware and scheduling an appointment with technicians, who will would then evaluate a company’s business and technical requirements prior to an installation. This may take several weeks and sometimes months.

In contrast, the setup of a cloud-hosted PBX will usually be fast and easy. Implementation will be carried out using a graphical user interface accessible on a desktop PC. The addition of a single phone line or 30 new lines will take only a few minutes because all line management is software-based.

Moreover, your team will save time on server maintenance and equipment upgrades because it will be part of your subscription service. Typically, a service provider will have a team of dedicated technicians available 24/7 to address issues.

Part 2 will discuss more benefits from a cloud-hosted PBX system.

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