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Written by Stu Kushner

Get These 10 Benefits From a Cloud-Hosted PBX – Part 2

As previously discussed, cloud-hosted PBX systems offer numerous important advantages. Part 2 will discuss more benefits of a cloud-hosted PBX system.


  • Can Keep Existing Phone System

Some companies do not want to disrupt their businesses by replacing their existing system. However, they seek the benefits of using a cloud-hosted PBX system in a new location. Fortunately, this solution can be easily integrated with their legacy systems.


A legacy system that supports SIP Trunks/VoIP will not require the purchase of additional hardware. A cloud-hosted PBX can interface with existing infrastructure, providing flexibility over call routing.


In addition, a cloud-hosted PBX can be configured to let users on both systems call each other easily. Users of legacy PBX can also make calls via less costly VoIP routes. This is quite beneficial for companies that want to retain their in-house PBX system while also being able to access trunk lines at lower prices, resulting in a wider reach.


4) Great Flexibility


A cloud-hosted PBX solution will allow your company to connect from any global location using your VoIP phone, a desktop PC, or a smartphone with VoIP software. Employees can use their preferred device to work overseas or from home with the same office number.


This great flexibility can increase your company’s reachability to customers. Your team can connect toll-free numbers easily to your cloud-hosted PBX solution, letting you take calls whether your employees are in the office or working remotely.


  • Advanced Phone Features


Implementing a cloud-hosted PBX solution will free your company from the limited features of your telephone or local in-house PBX, even if your team utilizes basic equipment. Using a cloud-hosted PBX allows your business to access advanced features at no additional cost from a service provider.


Advance features like call control, call recording, queue, time conditions, voice menu,  wallboards, and many more are typically available via a web portal, which will get constant updates as new features are introduced while existing ones get upgrades.


Part 3 will discuss more benefits of a cloud-hosted PBX system.


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