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Written by Stu Kushner

Get These 10 Benefits From a Cloud-Hosted PBX – Part 3

As previously discussed, cloud-hosted PBX systems offer many important advantages. Part 3 will discuss more benefits of a cloud-hosted PBX system.

6) Higher Quality of Service


A better Quality of Service (QOS) has resulted from greater compression rates and internet speeds. This has improved voice communication over the internet significantly. Numerous service providers now provide dedicated 4G, ADSL, or Fiber Broadband networks, meaning QoS configurations can be holistically applied, ensuring excellent quality on telephone calls.


7) Scalability


Businesses have cycles of expansion and contraction. Thus, the ability to scale up or down as determined by business conditions is a great advantage. A cloud-hosted PBX offers great scalability as your company can adjust as determined by demand. For example, seasonal businesses can provision new lines before a major event, then scale down afterward.


8) Business Continuity


A cloud-hosted PBX relies on the internet, typically managed by a service provider with redundant infrastructure that promotes business continuity. Utilizing automatic and software-based fail-over solutions, internet service providers are highly reliable. If a natural disaster strikes, backup servers can resume services within seconds.


9) Monitoring & Reporting


Cloud-hosted VoIP systems can provide real-time data. They allow for monitoring PBX activities, giving you insights regarding calls, usage, and costs via a web portal accessible on PCs or smartphones. Management can also use the information to evaluate the performance of employees on telephones by using reporting tools that collect and organize data statistically.


10) Stronger Security


Typically, cloud-hosted PBX solutions are more secure than an in-house PBX. The management of security solutions is the responsibility of the VoIP service provider. Thus, a dedicated team of professionals is in charge of installing firewalls, security patches, and software upgrades to ensure a secure and protected system.


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