Written by Stu Kushner

How Your Business Can Benefit From PoE Technology – Part 1

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from Power over Ethernet (PoE), which promotes automation and efficiency and supports smart building technology. The following will provide an overview and summarize the potential benefits PoE can give to your business.


Essentially, PoE refers to the ability of an Ethernet cable to transport data and electricity to and from connected devices. Ethernet cables are typically utilized for connecting computers, allowing them to receive and transmit network data, which is the basis of an internet connection.


In the beginning, Ethernet cables were unable to power lights, which needed more electricity than they were able to carry. However, light bulbs gradually became more energy efficient, and LEDs were introduced. An Ethernet cable can now power and control several PoE light fixtures equipped with LED bulbs simultaneously.


Ethernet cables can also provide power to the devices below:


  • CCTV cameras
  • Digital displays
  • Door lock systems
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Telephones


Even more PoE applications will be made possible as the technology undergoes further development.


Benefits of PoE Technology

Businesses can obtain several benefits from PoE implementation, which can help them increase control, reliability, and security. PoE devices are ideal for leveraging  smart building technology, creating automated and intelligent environments in facilities. The following summarizes key PoE benefits.


1) Less Operational Costs – PoE installation is less expensive than traditional electrical work. Research has found that operating costs are lower over the service life of PoE systems in comparison to electrical systems.


2) Ease of Low-Voltage Installation – As PoE is typically less than 60 volts, its installation does not require either conduit or metal cladding. Using PoE speeds up installations and reduces electrical hazards, significantly decreasing installation costs.


3) Greater Flexibility & Control – Installed PoE devices can be easily disconnected, moved, and reconnected to another PoE system, minimizing downtime. In addition, users have greater control over their smart building ecosystems since network data is flowing to and from all connected devices.


Part 2 will discuss several more key benefits of PoE implementation for businesses.


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