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How Your Business Can Benefit From PoE Technology – Part 2

Ethernet cable Cat6a (Category 6a) supports data rates of 10G for up to 100 meters, providing  bandwidth of up to 500MHz. It is the minimum requirement for new installations for facilities such as hospitals and universities. Installing Cat6a or a higher category will future proof the addition of PoE devices.


Work only with experienced and expert professionals when you are upgrading the cabling infrastructure of your company. Part 2 will discuss several more key benefits of PoE implementation for businesses.


4) Data Analytics

– Smart building technology relies on data to carry out intelligent optimizations. PoE applications will send data and commands to devices over Ethernet cabling. In addition, they will collect data from devices that are necessary for garnering important insights that may lead to cost savings and enhancements to user experience.


5) Secure, Strong & Reliable

– In comparison to devices that depend on WiFi, those that use Ethernet cabling will have data signals that are more secure, stronger, and have greater reliability. Using PoE will eliminate the chance of wireless disruptions, letting users activate additional security features.


6) Workplace Benefits

– PoE-powered lighting combined with smart building technology like presence sensors can optimize lighting for employees, improving their workplace environment and boosting productivity. Greater visibility in the facility also promotes safety. PoE will also significantly reduce the energy consumption of connected devices and lights, lowering the ambient temperature and impact on the environment. Automated access systems and unauthorized entry alarms powered by PoE can increase workplace security.


7) Various PoE Applications

– New solutions are currently being developed that will allow the use of PoE for lighting required during emergencies that are compliant with regulations. Businesses that have a modern cabling infrastructure capable of PoE will be able to support the rapidly growing number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Tunable white lighting solutions utilizing PoE will allow retail stores to adjust the lighting schemes of certain departments and displays to improve the shopping experience. In the event of a natural or manmade disaster, PoE-connected displays and lighting can be activated to help people evacuate a facility.


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