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Written by Stu Kushner

How Your Warehouse Can Apply RFID Tech Today – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss other benefits of implementing RFID tech for a warehouse or distribution facility. They can save time, money, and labor, boosting profitability.


Increased Security


Aside from carrying out warehouse functions, RFID tech can also support its security. They minimize mistakes in logistics processes, increasing the reliability of their supply chains for their partners and customers. The loss or theft of products can be prevented by using tags for tracking.




Due to data stored on the RFID microchip attached to a product, its treatment and movements can be customized to meet requirements. Information regarding each unit can be under centralized control, easing decisions regarding handling and carrying them out.


Efficiency & Productivity


RFID tech can significantly raise the efficiency of warehouse processes as compared to using barcodes and other outdated methods. Productivity is increased because workers save time and effort performing inventory tasks.


Automatic Registration


When every product inside a warehouse is registered using RFID tech, intake and outtake processes of goods can be programmed and made automatic through inventory software. Perishable goods will have their expiration dates noted, and this data can be used to ensure their shipments are timely. Thus, errors are minimized in warehouse processes.


Tracking & Traceability


Products can be under management control 24/7, easing tracking and traceability. Containers with built-in GPS can be easily located without requiring a visual line from the reader to the tag. As a result, the volume of goods that can be handled by a warehouse effectively can be significantly increased.




As every product container can have its unique data set, RFID technology makes authentication more accessible and more accurate.


Inventory & Restocking

As RFID significantly improves inventory control, situations involving unexpectedly out-of-stock products can be avoided. Shortages of items can be noticed in real time and can be ordered and restocked before running out. Centralized inventory control will allow needed products stored in a warehouse to be shipped if other warehouses are out of stock. RFID tech makes stock management faster and more efficient.


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