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Written by Stu Kushner

Install Your Cabling Properly the First Time

It is common sense that a business should install its cabling properly the first time. One way to ensure this is by working with experienced professionals during the planning stage. The following will discuss why getting your cabling right from the beginning will benefit your business.

Network Reliability Impacts Revenue


Companies rely on their network architect and cabling infrastructure to conduct business activities that generate revenue. As many tasks are performed via the internet, a dependable network is essential for profitability. Thus, employee productivity will be improved by greater network availability.


Crosstalk Affects Data


Crosstalk affects the transmission of data and its stability. However, properly installed cabling will provide fast transmission speeds while minimizing crosstalk. When network clarity increases, there will be fewer transmission errors to correct. The higher cost of fiber optic cable may be worth the investment for some businesses because it eliminates crosstalk.


Costs Controlled by Proper Installation


An experienced professional cabling team will spend sufficient time designing and planning the entire installation project. They will use the best practices for cabling installation set forth by ANSI/TIA (American National Standards Institute / Telecommunications Industry Association) and BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International).


Upgrades Are Expensive


Some businesses are tempted to save money by buying lower-quality cabling and equipment. However, a wiser strategy is installing the best equipment your company can afford to obtain a longer service life while avoiding costly upgrades that would be needed in five years by installing cheaper cabling.


Avoid Signal Degradation


The quality of network components will determine the quality of the signals that devices create and transmit. Better signal quality means smoother business. Implementing high-quality cabling will aid in the prevention of signal degradation over your network. Over long distances, fiber optic cabling will retain digital signal clarity much better than copper cabling.


Network Equipment Optimization


Your business won’t run efficiently if your network’s signal quality is bad. An experienced professional cabling team will build a network with high digital signal quality, optimizing the performance of every component. Fast and clear transmissions will improve your company’s productivity and profitability.


Progressive Office Cabling


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About Stu Kushner

Stu Kushner earned an Engineering Degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. From there he worked at Boeing Commercial Aircraft, Hexcel Corporation and Case-Rixon as a computer design engineer and systems manager. He now works as the marketing director and project manager here at Progressive Office since its founding in 1986.