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Written by Stu Kushner

Maximize Your Warehouse Capabilities With RFID – Part 1

In order to remain competitive, your warehouse may need to upgrade its functionality to improve its effectiveness. Thus, planning and installing a new WMS (warehouse management system) featuring RFID (radio-frequency identification) is perhaps the next step for your organization.


Running an efficient warehouse may determine whether customer perception of your brand is positive. Fast and accurate shipping is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and building your company’s reputation. In addition, your employees will do their work confident in the WMS and take pride in pleasing customers. All these elements help ensure growth and profitability.


Maximizing your warehousing capabilities lets your company optimize distribution and increase productivity. Both are accomplished by raising accuracy in warehouse processes through the reduction of errors involving stocking, storage, and order fulfillment.


Evolution of Warehouse Tech


Warehouse processes are rapidly transitioning from the manual handling and tracking of shipping inventory. The manual approach leaves companies more vulnerable to human error, product damage, and losses in time, effort, and money. This is in stark contrast to businesses that have implemented an efficient and proven WMS solution.


RFID has also made advances, and this technology allows warehouse managers to know the status of inventory in real-time. Inventory visibility and control are important for the maximization of warehouse capabilities, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.


RTLS (real-time location system) is another important feature of a modern WMS. This advanced technology is capable of detecting and recording in real-time the specific locations of assets in warehouses and in transit.


Combining RTLS and RFID technology provides valuable insights that empower companies to raise the performance of their logistics and warehousing. The data produced makes the work processes of a warehouse transparent, significantly making it more efficient and productive.


Part 2 will discuss RFID technology in greater detail in relation to warehouses.


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