Written by Stu Kushner

Modern Data Centers Rely on Structured Cabling Solutions – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss Data Center Operators, Future Proofing, and Ideal Structured Cabling.

Data Center Operators

Regarding multi-tenant or co-location operators, it is crucial that the selected solution for the white space is connected seamlessly to the MMR (meet-me room) as well as the fiber backbone. If the objective is to create the basis of an efficient and reliable data center, compliance to standards and allowing easy upgrades as the business expands are keys. The MMR should allow efficient and tidy cross-connects that display strong organization. Moreover, the fiber backbone should be built for ease of scalability to handle growth.


Although the quality of connectivity is very important, colocation operators also offer certain services that must be considered. Some of these include access to cloud resources, creation of structured cabling systems, network services, and leasing of hardware resources. A sound structured cabling strategy utilizing a comprehensive package of solutions will ensure that the technical requirements of an organization are met now and in the future.

Future Proofing

Typically, data center operators focus on solutions that meet their current needs. However, demands will change, and implementing scalable solutions that allow for growth and upgrades is far more efficient. Rapid technological changes are a challenge and can be expensive to a data center, so future proofing is very important.

Data centers usually only want to pay for current needs and only go forward with upgrades when the timing is ideal. This approach does minimize costs, allowing resources to be invested in solutions that generate revenue. However, by working with a provider who offers flexibility with regards to modifications, a cable management solution can be configured to meet an organization’s specific needs now and in the future.

Ideal Structured Cabling

Data centers required a structured cabling solution that provides accessibility, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, scalability, and space optimization. Ease of management is also a key characteristic of structured cabling, and it is essential for minimizing downtime and expenses.

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