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Written by Stu Kushner

Most Effective Tips for Network Upgrades – Part 1

Network upgrades are a technical challenge as the result will have an impact on every component of a company’s IT infrastructure. It is especially important to prioritize cabling installation because of its central role in your company’s data network. In addition, a network upgrade will typically impact more users than any other aspect of IT. When this is the case, your team must ensure that your network upgrade plan features the best practices as summarized below.


  • Upgrade will meet both business and technical requirements
  • Know what the impact will be on users after the upgrade is completed
  • Minimize the impact on users and business during the upgrade process
  • Make sure technical support for the upgrade is available before it goes into production


The following will cover seven of the most effective tips for a network upgrade.


1) Thorough Documentation


Complete documentation of an upgrade is critical to the success of a network. It should describe in detail how new technologies work and how they are maintained during production. The standard documentation practice should include periodic reviews and updates. Network updates backed by detailed documentation are more likely to be successful because support administrators can quickly access the information they need.


2) End User Notifications


A successful network upgrade will communicate very well with end users. Since networks affect everyone, targeted communications must provide accurate information about the impact of the upgrade. Your team must understand how employees use the network for their individual roles. You can then explain how an upgrade will affect their responsibilities. Every change in the way employees interact with a company’s network infrastructure must be clearly spelled out in detailed documentation.


3) Integration of Security


Security integration is very important when planning and implementing a network upgrade. Although it may seem wise to neglect security measures to minimize business downtime, this type of convenience results in updates that create significant security vulnerabilities that are very difficult to fix after production.


Part 2 will cover Strategy for Rollout, Possibility of Reversal, Future-Proof Planning, and Training of Support Staff.


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