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Written by Stu Kushner

Saving Money by Switching to VOIP

savingsYour phone system is the most prominent line of communication you’ve got to your vendors and customers and, as such, it is an integral part of your business’ success.  If you want to keep the customers that you have worked hard to attract you need a completely reliable mode of direct communication.

Fortunately you can easily offer the complete accessibility that your customers and prospect need without being at the mercy of traditional phone service providers. Traditional business phone service requires expensive equipment, expensive upgrades and expensive technicians to perform the work.  You can get the very same quality and accessibility offered by traditional  business phone service for far less money by switching over to VOIP for your business.

You can get all of the very same features with a cthat you have grown to love on your traditional business phone service without the extra expense.  You get access to features like caller id, call waiting, conference calling, voicemail with multiple features, cell phone integration and much more all on one easy to understand flat rate bill with VOIP.

It’s not at all uncommon for a business to save 50% or more on their phone service by switching to VOIP from traditional phone services.  Switching to VOIP is a great way for a small business to keep up with, or stay ahead of, the competition in terms of communication without going over their budget for office operations.

About Stu Kushner

Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. Stu Kushner began his career at Boeing Commercial Aircraft and then on to Hexcel and Case/Rixon where he specialized in CAD/CAM (computer design and robotics). In 1986, he started Progressive Office. The earliest years were about networking small businesses and providing IT support. But since 2008, the company has concentrated exclusively on providing office network cabling solutions.