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Written by Stu Kushner

Six Symptoms Your Business Needs a Network Upgrade – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, modern tech innovations are allowing organizations to work faster and more intelligently. However, those firms working with an aging network won’t be able to fully benefit. Part 2 will discuss three more symptoms indicating your organization may need a network upgrade.


4) High Network Maintenance


Despite great time and effort, your IT team is constantly making fixes on your outdated network while end-users continue complaining. When maintenance becomes excessive, both productivity and tech innovation can be significantly decreased. As technology is continually and rapidly evolving, your network must be capable of keeping pace. Application requirements, cloud integration, and varied data sets will challenge older networks. Newer IT networks feature intelligent routing for better-automated traffic decisions, providing higher speeds and improved performance.


5) Weak Visibility


Older networks were not designed for today’s cybersecurity needs in mind. The ever-growing sophistication of cyberattacks requires businesses to have excellent visibility over their networks while being aware who and what is functioning there. An outdated wireless infrastructure was not intended to handle the complexities of current technology. Small networked devices, such as IoT wearables and multi-function printers, can be the entry points for cybercriminals. Thus, it is critical to know who or what is connecting to your organization’s IT network. A network upgrade can significantly improve the strength of your company’s cybersecurity stance by improving its network visibility.


6) Constant Latency


If your business and employees are suffering from constant latency, especially during the peak periods of the workday, it is time for a network upgrade. Persistent latency will result in serious negative effects like loss of productivity, poor user experience, decreased revenue, and diminished market reputation. Over time, the economic losses resulting from these issues can be quite significant. When your employees cannot do their jobs on time and a growing number of customers complain about the slowness of your website and applications, it is time to begin planning a network upgrade.


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