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Stop Using Outlook NOW

 IT support, computer help, DCIs it me? I hate Outlook. The interface is horrible. The application is under constant attack. Using it just plain scares me. I know that if I use Outlook that I am going to be way more vulnerable to a virus attack. So, about two years ago I stopped using Outlook. I have been using Gmail. I use it to handle both my business and my personal email. So, I have my personal Gmail account and I use the same account to check my business email. Gmail let’s you check unlimited POP accounts from the single Gmail account.

So, I have Gmail setup to check my POP account of my business email. All of my emails go into my Gmail account. And because I use Gmail, I don’t have to worry about storage limitations. Gmail include many gigabytes of free storage. Also, all of my emails are threaded so that I can follow the entire history of a conversation even if multiple parties are contributing to the email exchange. I archive and label everything that is important including attachments. And I have a second layer of Spam and virus protection because Gmail shoves all of my Spam into a Spam folder and Gmail scans all of my email for viruses.

The Gmail interface is very clean and easy-to-use and because it is on-line I can check my email from anywhere. So, I have no plans to ever use Outlook again and I would highly recommend that you dump it too. Get a Gmail account and use it to check your office email. It works great and it will make you smarter and more efficient.

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