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Written by Stu Kushner

Strengthen Your Security With Structured Cabling – Part 2

Part 2 will continue discussing how a company’s structured cabling infrastructure works with its security systems.


IP-Enabled Security System


It’s a relatively straight forward process to run cables in an IP-enabled security system with Ethernet cabling providing the power needed by every component. In addition, it is easy to perform expansions of an IP-enabled security system because nothing new needs to be installed. The existing cable can be upgraded if additional devices need to be installed.  Structured cabling supports growth while providing greater performance and stronger security.


Digital-Technology Architecture


Older security systems using coaxial cables had technical issues. Installing a new device, such as a camera, would disturb the whole network. In addition, the process was expensive because running a coaxial cable to the location of the camera was difficult. Fortunately, digital-technology architecture for security utilizes structured cabling nowadays. UTP cables are now used instead of coaxial cables, which eases handling and lowers the cost.


Security Sensors


Converting physical stimuli into readable signals, security sensors boost security systems by detecting unauthorized activity in facilities. Companies planning the installation of security sensors in their facility should implement a structured cabling system. Properly-designed, it will be able to carry data signals from security sensors rapidly and uninterrupted.


There are cables that are better for short distances, and there are cables designed for long distances. The type of cabling that will need to be installed in a facility will be determined by the technical requirements of the business and the control sensors it requires.


Video Monitoring


Most manufacturing companies recognize the need to install video monitoring services in their facilities. Installed in manufacturing areas, video monitoring helps ensure security. A structured cabling system that supports video monitoring will be capable of transmitting signals without being corrupted. An additional benefit for businesses implementing a video monitoring system is reducing the number of security personnel needed on-premises, which cuts costs.


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