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Written by Stu Kushner

Taking Connectivity with You with VOIP

Office Cabling, Network Cabling,VOIP-Phone Your current business phone system may be reliable and have plenty of features that you feel your business can’t do without, but even the greatest traditional business phone systems have limitations.  That crowded closet full of phone equipment nestled in some corner of your office, that your business phone service needs to function, allows you to only use within the office setting.

By switching your current business phone service to a much more convenient VOIP service you’ll be giving your most important form of communication portability.  You can connect with your customers and vendors via your VOIP service from your office, from your home or even from a hotel while travelling.  If you’ve got a high speed internet connection available you’ll be able to connect with customers, vendors and coworkers through your VOIP service.  This allows your business to operate effectively from virtually any location.

You won’t have to sacrifice any of your favorite features by making the switch to VOIP.  All of the features that you enjoy from your traditional business phone service like caller ID, call waiting and conference calls are all included with your VOIP service.

VOIP service is incredibly convenient, very affordable and will instantly make it easier for your customers to reach you.  This makes VOIP a smart choice for any business that wants to keep up with or stay ahead of the competition by providing the best possible service to their customers and prospects.

About Stu Kushner

Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. Stu Kushner began his career at Boeing Commercial Aircraft and then on to Hexcel and Case/Rixon where he specialized in CAD/CAM (computer design and robotics). In 1986, he started Progressive Office. The earliest years were about networking small businesses and providing IT support. But since 2008, the company has concentrated exclusively on providing office network cabling solutions.