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Brad Mendelson

The accounting firm of Mendelson & Mendelson is a Bethesda-based accounting firm. They have 12 workstations running Windows XP and a Windows 2003 Fileserver with Exchange. They are running Micorsoft Office and a variety of accounting applications. They had 6 machines needing over 100 patches EACH to their operating system and applications. We were able to quote them a fixed monthly TotalCare price that was significantly less expensive than their previous IT provider and we include FREE replacement computers, one every four months.

“Our previous IT situation caused us to have no e-mail for a week. Now we have a proactive plan and a backup email system that guarantees us uptime. And our fixed price means we won’t have to worry about excessive, unbudgeted expenses. NetworkCare TotalCare is a great value.”

– Brad Mendelson, Treasurer,