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Written by Stu Kushner

Top Five Benefits of Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic and copper cabling play important roles in structured cabling. However, fiber cables provide unique advantages. The following will discuss the five most important benefits from upgrading to fiber cabling for your business.


1) Greater Bandwidth


Fiber optic cables provide significantly more bandwidth, transmitting more data at much faster speeds than copper cables of identical diameter. In addition, latency will be reduced as well, allowing shorter upload and download times and speedier access to resources. Fiber is also capable of carrying data longer distances without suffering interruptions or delay.


2) Inherently Safer


As electricity is not being used for the transmission of data because pulses of light are used instead, fiber optic cabling is safer to handle than copper cabling.


3) EMI Immunity


Installing numerous cables that carry electric current in a small area can result in the creation of crosstalk between them, which decreases performance and interrupts data transmissions. As fiber optic cables use light pulses rather than electric current for transmitting data, they do not generate EMI (electromagnetic interference), nor are they affected by them.


4) Superior Security


As fiber cables do not emit signals, they are inherently more secure than copper cables. Tapping into a fiber cable for the interception of data transmissions is extremely difficult.

Due to the fact that signals traveling over a fiber cable are contained with an individual fiber strand, access can only be obtained by cutting into the end of a cable. Doing so would typically bring down the entire network, revealing that there was an attempt at infiltration.


5) Weather Resistant


Fiber optic cables are normally not affected by fluctuations in temperature, rugged outdoor areas, or moisture. Even if rainwater were to come into contact with a fiber optic cable, it would still be able to maintain communication. In the case of a lightning strike, the surge of electricity cannot be propagated due to the absence of metallic components in a fiber optic cable.


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