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Why Your Warehouse Should Implement RFID Technology – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss more ways to leverage RFID technology in warehouses.

3) Workflow Automation and Accuracy


As RFID tags can be rapidly and precisely read, automating common warehouse tasks can be done easily. Organizations can decrease the time and effort expended on shipping, receiving inventory, put-away, cycle counts, managing returns, and numerous other workflows. RFID automation allows businesses to reallocate labor to other operations and reduces human error.


A warehouse that is less dependent on labor can be more efficient and reduce costs. In addition, RFID systems can now provide alerts when mistakes that can be expensive occur, including placing inventory in the wrong location, loading the wrong item on a pallet, and shipping the wrong item to a customer. RFID is also a QA (quality assurance) solution because it promotes precision.


4) Stock Management Accuracy


When a great volume of products is being transferred into and out of a warehouse, RFID will be needed for automatically recording inventory and managing stock levels. The software can help optimize stock levels, providing alerts when reaching predetermined under-stocking or over-stocking limits.


Using RFID tech for stock management will let your team receive real-time insights regarding the availability of a product in terms of quantities, types, sizes, etc. There are now advanced RFID tags that can cope with complex stock management needs involving products with shelf-life expirations and storage temperature requirements. Thus, RFID can also ensure QA and product integrity standards.


5) Easing Equipment & Parts Tracking


RFID tech can also be used for tracking the movement of a warehouse’s critical assets, including tools, forklifts, IT equipment, their parts, and accessories. Monitoring these valuable items with an asset management solution allows an organization to maintain a precise and detailed chain of custody. Doing so can help your team optimize warehouse equipment use and improve loss prevention management.


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