Written by Stu Kushner

Cable Testing and Certification

Test-Um’s NT955 Validator-NT™ is an all-in-one network management tool with a 4-inch color LCD screen. We will use this tool to certify, identify, configure and document your Ethernet network. The Validator-NT provides every feature we need to test, trace and tune your Ethernet network.

This powerful planning and certification tool tests speed and performance using the latest nt955-cable-testertechnical advances in digital measurement. It defines the job, makes the tests, prints results and stores data. Our Validator-NT measures and presents fast, clear speed and performance results up to 1 Gigabit.

And the software lets us lay out a floor plan, document and print test results plus archive jobs for future reference. It ties together all the different cable criteria found in complex voice/data/video installations. Then it presents concise information in printed reports while storing data for future use.


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Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. Stu Kushner began his career at Boeing Commercial Aircraft and then on to Hexcel and Case/Rixon where he specialized in CAD/CAM (computer design and robotics). In 1986, he started Progressive Office. The earliest years were about networking small businesses and providing IT support. But since 2008, the company has concentrated exclusively on providing office network cabling solutions.