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The Principles of Network Design – Part 3

24 Mar 2018

Network Cabling, Structured CablingAs discussed in Part 2, Top-Down Logic is used for the process of Preparation, Planning, Design, Implementation, Operation, and Optimization (PPDIOO). In addition, network designers must determine the Scope of Design prior to the collection of data and planning. Part 3 will cover Business Requirements, Continuity, and Elasticity.


Figuring out what an organization needs requires having an understanding of its current objectives, mission statement, and future plans. Knowledge of these should guide the business-driven aspects of the network design. Using a top-down approach, a business’s goals, drivers, requirements, continuity, and strategy will determine its business applications, technical and functional requirements, and network infrastructure solutions.


Business continuity is a company’s ability to continue doing business after a system outage caused by a man-made or natural disaster that has damaged a data center. An organization needs a disaster recovery plan to develop its resiliency in the face of such disasters. Various parts of its network may need to be more resilient due to regulatory compliance.


Elasticity is an organization’s level of flexibility when responding to business developments. This typically refers to a change in business objectives or conditions, including growth, recession, merger, acquisition, etc. Therefore, a company’s network design must have adequate flexibility in order to fulfill its business requirements and strategic goals. A designer’s comprehension of the overall trends of the organization’s business sector will provide valuable guidance in the design’s features that provide flexibility.

The design of a network must give an organization the flexibility that will allow it to perform integrations with other networks. This will usually be required when mergers and acquisitions take place. It is important to note that during a merger or acquisition, the network may undergo considerable growth during a very brief period. In such circumstances, the most daunting challenge for network designers is having to handle the various design principles, conflicting control plane protocols, and overlaps in IP address spaces of the networks being integrated.

Part 4 will cover “How IT Enables Business Innovation.”

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Structured Cabling Benefits for Security Systems – Part 2

29 Jul 2017

Structured Cabling,Cat5e Cat6/6a CablingAs discussed in Part 1, the transition to IP-based security products along with the rapid increase in business applications has resulted in end-users expecting greater video, audio, and data integration. These items require delivery over a standardized structured cable system. The following are the benefits offered by structured cabling for security systems.


The infrastructure of a structured cabling system utilizes the same cabling for conveying all forms of data. This enables the standardization of Ethernet, VoIP, CCTV, access control, along with all other data and communications systems. Standardization allows a structured cabling system to function with numerous systems and protocols in the present and during the service life of the permanent links installed.


A structured cabling system will be able to support equipment from multiple vendors, allowing the support of hardware and applications during expansion and switching to other vendors. This capability makes a cable system more reliable because it helps avoid having to reconfigure or replace cabling during technological upgrades or the addition of new devices.


Re-configurations involving transferring equipment such as a computer, CCTV camera, or a VoIP phone to another area are made easier by a structured cabling system, which provides the spine for plug and play applications. The shift to TCP/IP, IEE802 packet data transmission enables agile networks that are capable of communication, opening the gateway to numerous purposed integrated systems.

Simpler Fault Diagnosis

Troubleshooting is made quicker and easier by structured cabling because of its segmented design, preventing a single point of failure that could crash an entire network. For the most part, fault diagnosis can be easily accomplished by a certified structured cabling tester, a device which can rapidly identify problems inside a cabling system.

Reusable Cabling

The instances of having to buy and pull new cable are significantly decreased, allowing a company to maximize its existing cabling infrastructure and save money. Structured cable also minimizes disruptions and downtime events because less cabling leaves more building area functional.

Future Proofing

Future installations of applications like CCTV, access control, multimedia, video conferencing, etc. will probably not experience upgrade issues, making structured cabling a worthwhile investment for the foundation and future of a company.

Part 3 will cover the Challenges and Planning of a Structured Cable System.

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Improving Customer Service by Installing Network Cabling

24 Jan 2011

Installing network cabling in your office environment can have a profound effect on your employees’ ability to communicate with one another and with customers.  This can give your business a unique edge over the competition that could result in a more loyal following and increased revenue.

Having all of your office PCs and equipment networked gives every employee access to important business application and pertinent customer and product data. Even employees who perform work from off-site locations can have the same access to information that your “in house” employees do which will allow them to efficiently and effectively fulfill customer needs.

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Bringing Innovation and Competition back to Windows

13 Jul 2009

 Data Cabling ,Cat5e,Cat6/6a CablingWould you consider using the cell phone you had in 2000? Think about it. Back in 2000, the early models of the Treo were hot products and by today standards they are very inadequate.

As for me, I am still using Word 2000 and even if you have the more current version, I doubt that there are any features in it that are compelling. Microsoft has a stranglehold on the PC industry. They dominate the operating system and the applications market. They don't have any formidable competitors. Test yourself. Who is Microsoft's biggest business software competition? It isn't Google because Google is giving away their Google Apps. It isn't Apple because Apple is a hardware manufacturer. They don't develop business applications that compete with Office.

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