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Your First Conversation with a Cabling Installation Company

26 Feb 2018

Network Cabling, Cabling Installations New York City Atlanta GANow that your business is ready to install new cabling or perform an upgrade, you will be meeting with a cabling installation company that has been vetted to discuss the project. Typically, the contractor will ask several standard questions to gain a good understanding of the project and make an evaluation. The questions are organized under topics and discussed in the paragraphs below.


When does your business plan to move? If the move is in the next two months, have arrangements been made for the phone or T1 lines with the telecommunications provider?

Although this is a key component when moving an office, many companies neglect it. Some telecoms need a 45-day notice for a T1 installation, so your move must take this into account.

Voice and Data Drops

What will be the number of voice and data drops required? A drop is a cable run usually starting from a server room or wiring closet and terminating at a cubicle, workstation, or office. Keep in mind that each station will typically require a drop for each computer and telephone line. Drops will also be needed for office equipment such as fax machines and network printers.


What kind of construction was done at the new office location? Does it have a hard cap ceiling, which most houses have, or a drop/acoustic ceiling? Facilitating access for running cables, drop ceilings are far easier than hard cap ceilings for installations, modifications, and upgrades.

Cabling Type

Is plenum or non-plenum cabling needed at the new office location? When cabling has to run over a ceiling where the space is already utilized for a HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system, then plenum-rated cable will be required because of its fire retardant and smoke-limiting capabilities. Plenum is a bit more expensive, but required to comply with code.

Phone System

Will the current phone system be transferred to the new office? The cabling installation company may not be capable of handling the type your business is using, therefore a subcontractor may be retained to handle this aspect of the project as it requires specialization.

Progressive Office Cabling

Founded in 1986, Progressive Office’s success has been a direct result of years of commitment to seeking solutions on behalf of our clients in the Washington, D.C. and New York City areas. Efficiently working together, Progressive teams get cabling installed and operating as fast as possible while minimizing disruption and downtime. Call our toll free number (800) 614-4560 today.

Cabling Installations New York City Atlanta GA

Get a Site Survey Before Cabling Installation

7 Feb 2018

Cabling Installation , Network Cabling New York City Atlanta GADuring the process of selecting a cabling installation company, you will meet with candidate contractors at the new office space. Each visit will typically be a free consultation as each contractor they will make a site survey in order to make an evaluation and prepare a quote for the project. Below are items and information a business owner should be ready to provide to make each site survey as efficient and productive as possible. 

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Structured CablingData Cabling,Washington DC

Moving Your Company’s Structured Cabling

29 Jun 2017

Structured CablingData Cabling,Washington DCMoving your company also means relocating and setting up its structured cabling at the new location. Minimizing disruption is the key for making the transition smooth, and retaining an experienced cable installation company will make this possible. Their resume should include relocation and new construction because they will need to work with vendors, moving companies, architects, and engineers who will also be involved. This will make the coordination of moving your firm’s IT infrastructure seamless.

The move will also involve working with the telecommunication and internet providers to make sure their services are included in the transition plan. The functions they provide are not suspended for an extended period, ensuring swift continuation at the new location.

Services for Relocation

  • When hiring a structured cabling company to assist with your move, be sure they can:

  • Move the network fast and efficiently.

  • Coordinate with Internet and telecommunication providers.

  • Ensure safe packing and transport, and unloading of servers, workstations, and printers.

  • Transfer e-mail and website services smoothly.

  • Set up office network, servers, workstations, and printers at new location.

  • Coordinate with outside vendors, including website, Internet, telecommunication, and e-mail services at new location.

  • Design cabling diagram for sound network foundation.

  • Set up cabling and wiring infrastructure for new location.

Summary of Expertise

Be sure to work with a structured cabling company that is knowledgeable regarding office relocation, network cabling, communications, cable management, computer data cabling, office cabling, and server racks. This depth of knowledge will help minimize unforeseen problems regarding your firm’s structured cabling needs during the relocation. Their experience and expertise will decrease the stress and pressure of moving your IT infrastructure.

Structured Cabling Services

Modern technology features advanced systems that are reliant on sound IT infrastructure that revolves around high-quality cabling and intelligent design. An experienced structured cabling company will understand the needs and requirements of a client and provide the expertise that will minimize costs and maximize infrastructure.

Union Network Cabling

When union work requires a unionized cabling group, call on Union Network Cabling for your commercial Cat5e/6/6a and fiber cabling projects. Specializing in cabling for data, voice, security and even the latest WiFi and LiFi solutions. Phone: (202) 462-4290

Data Cabling Cat5e Cat6/6a Cabling

Abandoned Cable Liability Issue

17 Oct 2013
 Cabling,Data Cabling Cat5e Cat6/6a Cabling

As tenants come and go in a commercial building, the cabling infrastructure sometimes leaves behind abandoned Cat5, Cat6 and coax cabling. All that needs to happen is for the new tenant to request a reconfigured layout that relocates the main wall closet. Or, sometimes the old tenant will cut away the cabling in order to take the patch panels with them. If possible, keep the wall closet location. And always offer to buy the patch panels from a departing tenant.

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