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iPhone App for your Business

29 Mar 2010
Office Cabling ,Network CablingI have a question. Can you imagine an iPhone App for your business? Do you deliver a product or service? Do you have a product or service at your business that brings clients to your office? Progressive Office is looking to develop a way to create low-cost, custom iPhone Apps.

Please fill out a short questionnaire that will let us know more about your needs and goals.

Thank you.
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Multi-tasking cell phones, the next wave

3 Jul 2009

Network Cabling,Washington DC, New York City palm_preThe golden age of PCs was DOS. Why? Because the OS made it very easy to write quick, powerful programs. DOS was a simple single-tasking operating system. It was easy to program on DOS because their were a lot of vendors with competing compilers that made writing applications relatively simple.

With the release of Windows, Microsoft made things much more complicated and then made it so complicated that Microsoft is now one of the ONLY company that can develop sophisticated applications on Windows. Unfortunately, Microsoft is not really very good at programming and does not need to innovate because they don't have any competition.

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