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Michael Price and MarketUS.com Rip Off

2 Jul 2009

On April 9th of 2009, I hired MarketUS.com to get my firm onto the GSA schedule. I agreed to a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution. On March 9th of this year I worked with Jeff Connell in Sales and I agreed to the DIY service. I was told about Coaching Services that would give me unlimited hours of support on their system. I declined Coaching. Coaching costs $4,000 and I felt like I could do it myself and save the money.

MarketUS has an online system for navigating the GSA process. It is inadequate. It does provide links to the appropriate websites. But it does a poor job of tracking the progress of the process.

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MarketUS.com and Michael Price’s lies to me

8 Jul 2009
marketus.com liesIn my dealings with Michael Price, Deana Trone and MarketUS.com, they have lied to me on a number of occasions. In this posting, I will catalog these mistruths in the hopes that they will amend their ways and become a more honest company.

The lies:

  1. They withdraw my money too fast. The agreement is that they would make a cash transfer (ACH) from my account on March 10th And April 10th. Instead, they took $2,500 on March 10th and $2,500 on March 11th. I don't get my Statement right away so I didn't know and my bank never said anything. It is relatively minor but it gets MUCH worse.

  2. They sold me on their Do-It-Yourself GSA service and told me that the system was easy. It is not. It takes you to pages on government websites but it does not keep track of your progress. So, unless you are willing to spend 12 hours straight working on this, you might get lost and not know where you left off.

  3. They claim that I ordered their $4,000 of "Coaching Service". I never ordered the Coaching Service. I made one 20 minute phone call to them on 4/23/09.I think they used that asan excuse to bill me but they never TOLD me they were billing me.

  4. They withdrew $8,500 from my account instead of $4,000. Again, I never ordered the Coaching Service to begin with but they compounded the problem by taking $8,500 instead of $4,000. I guess if you are going to steal you might as well take a full bag instead of a half bag.

  5. They sent me a phony invoice for the "Coaching Services". Honestly, I received the invoice in July after complaining. But it was dated 4/23/09! I had never seen it before. I think they created it as a way to cover their tracks.4/23/09 was the day I made my single call to them for help. Coincidence?

  6. They claimed that they needed proof from the bank that the transfers existed. But everyone knows that they must have an accounting system that shows the deposits. Does it really matter how they got my money?

  7. They claimed that I logged 5 hours of support calls. I had made only one call to them and that was because I was unable to figure out where I was in the process. The call lasted about 20 minutes.

  8. They told me that they would clear up the Overdraft Fees that were incurred. They did nothing.

  9. On numerous occasions they promised to call me back and to clear this matter up. They even initially admitted to the billing error for the "Coaching Services" but they back-tracked on that in subsequent conversations. Now they are asking for me to stop calling. They have my money but they don't want to me to call them.

MarketUS is not a reputable company. This is just my opinion and my experience. I would strongly recommend against doing business with MarketUS. Click here for another story.

Feel free to comment. And if you want to spread the word, click on the links above the article! Have you had a bad experience with MarketUS?

Click here to file a complaint with the FTC.
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Do not give your bank or credit card info to Mike Price of MarketUS.com

9 Jul 2009
 data , network, computersI am beginning to learn how MarketUS.com works. It seems that once they get your credit card or banking information they will charge you thousands of dollars. In my case, they transferred the money right out of my bank account. After they charge your account, they create invoices. If you don't stop them, they will keep charging your account. And then they wil lie.

If you order basic DIY GSA, they will upgrade you without permission. If they offer you any kind of help that involves giving them a credit card, they will charge more than you expect and claim that you wanted more. I know of a case where they offered to help in a credit card dispute and then CHARGED $12,000 TO THE CREDIT CARD.

If you try to dispute it, they simply claim that you are a client and that you need to just proceed with the process of getting on the GSA Schedule. If you demand your money back, they will stall, lie and mislead.

My hope is that my blog will make it easy for other victims to find me and to work with me to put an end to their misleading and illegal policies.

If you have experienced this problem with MarketUS.com, please feel free to contact me and tell me your story.

Click here to file a complaint with the FTC.

MarketUS.com created a fake sales receipt

10 Jul 2009
marketus.com fraudI am fighting MarketUS.com and I finally, from my bank, got a copy of the fake sales receipt. They claim that I made 20 hours of support calls. I made one call that lasted about 20 minutes. Click here to see a copy of the fake invoice.

I wonder if Guy Trone is willing to lie about the number of calls I made to MarketUS.com. Are you Guy?

Please look up the other postings I have here on our website. They explain in great detail the circumstances of this complaint.

I DO NOT recommend that you do business with MarketUS.com. Please feel free to leave a comment. And if you were ripped off by MarketUS.com, contact us!

Seeking MarketUS.com victims

15 Jul 2009
marketus.com informationI hired MarketUS. It is owned by Michael Price. I hired them to get me onto the GSA schedule. They ended up stealing money from me and justifying it by saying I ordered "Coaching". They lied. I am out $9,000 with little to show for it. I could pursue the DIY GSA that cost me $5,000. But they are insisting that I ordered the Coaching and my anger and frustration is making it impossible to work with them. Have you worked with Mike Price, Deane Trone, Jeff Connell or Guy Trone at MarketUS.com?

I know there are others out there.

Anyway, I have written about my experience. You can see those stories by clicking here and here. But what I am trying to do on this posting is to collect affirmations and stories from other companies that have had bad experiences with MarketUS.com. Maybe we can work together to fight MarketUS.com.

Please feel free to post your story or complaint. Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for your interest.

Letter to Reporter at Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale

27 Jan 2010

I wrote this letter to Cyndi Metzger, a business reporter at the Sun Sentinel in South Florida, the local newspaper of MarketUS.com. I wonder if Michael Price subscribes?

Dear Ms. Metzger -

My name is Stuart Kushner. I am a small businessman in Washington, DC. My company is www.ProgOffice.com. I have a story. I hired www.MarketUS.com to get my company on the GSA schedule and they ended up stealing $4,000 from me. They transferred funds from my bank account (I naively gave them access), created fake invoices, and kept $4,000 of my money. Since they stole from me, I was unable and unwilling to work with them. So, the initial (authorized) payment was a waste. So, I am out $9,000 and I am not on the GSA Schedule.

I went to the police. I went to the BBB. I went to a lawyer. And I went to my bank. Nobody would help. Nobody!

Michael Price knows what he is doing. He knows exactly how to steal money from out-of-state businesses and get away with it. To summarize:

  • He gets your credit card or bank account and routing number

  • He charges and then continues to charge and charge and charge to it

  • If he is able to do it for more than 3 months, the credit card companies will not refund

  • If he gives some of it back, the police will not interfere (call the Fort Lauderdale police for their twisted logic)

  • He produces fake online invoices (no signature on them)

  • He uses Internet Shopping laws to protect himself

  • He preys on out-of-state firms

  • He never takes enough to justify hiring an attorney

My only recourse was to write about it on my website at https://progoffice.com/category/marketus-com/. My site has attracted 4 more victims. Two of them have posted comments on my site. I am CCing all 4 of them them here. They all have similar stories. Fortunately, my Internet Marketing skills makes it easy for me to get my pages ranked in Google. So victims are finding my website. It was all I could think of to do. But now I realized that maybe I could get him some very bad press. And I would love to post an article from your paper on my website.

I think this is a compelling story. My goal is to expose Michael Price and put him out of business. He is a crook and he is stealing money from small businesses all over the country and getting away with it. Look over my website. Please take the time to read my postings. I hope you find the time to research and write about this story. Trust me, Michael Price will lie and he will not cooperate. But you have 5 unrelated victims and I am willing to bet that there are hundreds of additional victims out there.

Thank you for reading this. :)

Stu Kushner
Progressive Office, Inc.

If you are a victim, click here to complain to the FTC.