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Network Ideas

Data Center Cabling’s Emerging Trends for 2018 – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, structured cabling is now considered the foundation of network infrastructure, and organizations and their data centers are seeking ways to improve its efficiency and functionality through several trends. Part 2 will discuss Modularization, Optimization, and Virtualization. Modularization New data centers are now being built to support ever-increasing networking demands. Companies […]

Data Center Cabling’s Emerging Trends for 2018 – Part 1

Organizations and their data centers have come to recognize that structured cabling is the foundation of network infrastructure. As time passes, they will look for methods to make their structured cabling designs work with more efficiency and functionality. This article will discuss the emerging trends for data center cabling in 2018. Cloud Integration The industry […]

Your First Conversation with a Cabling Installation Company

Now that your business is ready to install new cabling or perform an upgrade, you will be meeting with a cabling installation company that has been vetted to discuss the project. Typically, the contractor will ask several standard questions to gain a good understanding of the project and make an evaluation. The questions are organized […]

The Principles of Network Design – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the Top-Down Approach for network design provides several advantages, especially when its implementation is business-driven. Part 2 will cover the topics of Top-Down Logic and Scope of Design. Top-Down Logic The top-down network design approach is capable of utilizing top-down logic in conjunction with the process of Preparation, Planning, Design, […]

The Principles of Network Design – Part 1

Today’s network design must be capable of providing the technical requirements of expanding and evolving IT and business demands. As a result, the task is growing in complexity and difficulty for both service providers and enterprises. The challenge is even steeper when dealing with a legacy infrastructure that must be upgraded for the adoption of […]

Get a Site Survey Before Cabling Installation

During the process of selecting a cabling installation company, you will meet with candidate contractors at the new office space. Each visit will typically be a free consultation as each contractor they will make a site survey in order to make an evaluation and prepare a quote for the project. Below are items and information […]

Is Up-to-Date Structured Cabling Crucial for Your Business?

If you are busy running a business every day, you probably don’t consider the IT infrastructure of your company very often. However, if you let it become outdated, you will make your enterprise un-competitive and prevent it from achieving its potential. Think of your IT network as the transport system for your data and some […]

Ethernet Crossover Cable Basics

The crossover cable connects two Ethernet network devices to each other. They were invented for temporarily supporting host-to-host networking when a network router or another intermediary device is not available. Although crossover cables appear the same as a standard straight-through (patch) Ethernet cable, their internal wiring structures are different. Straight Through vs. Crossover A straight-through […]

Advantages of Upgrading to Structured Cabling – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, point-to-point cabling systems are outdated and companies should strongly consider making the transition to structured cabling to remain competitive. Part 2 will discuss the advantages of upgrading to structured cabling. The Advantages Cost Effectiveness – Flexible and scalable, structured cabling can transmit data reliably and more easily handle increasingly large […]

Advantages of Upgrading to Structured Cabling – Part 1

If it has been a while since your company has upgraded your network cabling, you and your team may not be achieving your potential. As you know, an organization’s IT network is the very heart of its operations. Lacking a network that is up-to-date, staff members will not be as efficient and productive as possible. […]