Written by Stu Kushner

Hotel Wireless Access Point

Office Cabling, Network CablingFor many years, direct network connections were considered the {{ideal,best,most effective}} service to hotel guests but this has changed as High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is becoming a {{standard,expected,typical}} amenity rather than a direct cable connection into the network.  But as Wireless Networking is becoming more common, a device called a Wireless Access Point is becoming the standard network communication device enabling HSIA for guests.

In computer networking, a wireless access point (WAP) is the device that allows guest laptops and netbooks to connect to a wireless network using a Wi-Fi network card. The WAP connects to a wired network and emits the wireless HSIA signal throughout the hotel property.

WAPs are built to support a standard for sending and receiving data using radio waves rather than data over cabling. This is the feature that is making Wireless HSIA so desirable to the hotel industry. There are no cables and no routers in each room for the guests to deal with.

The unique cabling configuration that is installed by Progressive Office creates a property-wide Hot Spot of connectivity that will enable all guests to receive HSIA. We are able to provide full, saturated HSIA to the entire property by creating a network cabling topology that gives the WAP devices a strong  overlapping signal for the Internet Service Providers WAPs.

About Stu Kushner

Born and raised in Silver Spring, MD. Stu Kushner began his career at Boeing Commercial Aircraft and then on to Hexcel and Case/Rixon where he specialized in CAD/CAM (computer design and robotics). In 1986, he started Progressive Office. The earliest years were about networking small businesses and providing IT support. But since 2008, the company has concentrated exclusively on providing office network cabling solutions.