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Remote Control Support

IT Support, computer-remote-controlWell, I don’t know how long a good thing like this will last. But I was looking around on the Internet and I was searching for an inexpensive remote control solution. For my company, Progressive Office, we frequently need to be able to remotely control a client computer. The benefits to this capability are obvious. Some problems can be resolved remotely. And because the subscription to my current remote control solution was up for renewal, I started looking around for a new solution.

I found one! I now use CrossLoop. I setup the account and now we have the ability to remotely control any computer from any computer. It is very stable, easy to use and it’s FREE. The only problem I had was that I learned that it would not support my dual monitor setup. So, I had to disable the second monitor before trying to take control of a computer. Otherwise, it has worked perfectly.

ChatStat is no longer free (see article below). So, I don’t know if this will last either. But I used to pay about $100 a month. So, hopefully, if they do start to charge, it will be a lot less than $100.

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