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Backbone vs. Horizontal Cabling

15 Mar 2023
Networking will typically require complex cabling. Structured cabling systems contain two chief types of cabling: backbone and horizontal. Both types are needed for the development of a network that is functional for all types of organizations. The following will discuss the differences between backbone and horizontal cabling.

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Aging Cabling Infrastructure Can Hurt Company Performance

8 Mar 2023
Innovations in AI, cloud computing, IoT, and mobile apps are swiftly changing today’s work environments. Staying current with the constant evolution of technology helps ensure your business is competitive and efficient. Network cabling also plays an important part, and the following will discuss why.
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Best Practices for Your Company’s Cable Management – Part 1

4 Jan 2023
The following will discuss several best practices for organizing and managing networking cables. Basic planning can be very helpful because your team can conserve time and effort by implementing these best practices. In addition to looking professional, the proper organization of cables will ease maintenance and troubleshooting.

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