Michael Price of MarketUS

Michael Price and MarketUS.com Rip Off

2 Jul 2009

On April 9th of 2009, I hired MarketUS.com to get my firm onto the GSA schedule. I agreed to a do-it-yourself (DIY) solution. On March 9th of this year I worked with Jeff Connell in Sales and I agreed to the DIY service. I was told about Coaching Services that

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MarketUS.com created a fake sales receipt

10 Jul 2009
I am fighting MarketUS.com and I finally, from my bank, got a copy of the fake sales receipt. They claim that I made 20 hours of support calls. I made one call that lasted about 20 minutes. Click here to see a copy of the fake invoice.

I wonder if Guy Trone is willing to lie about the number of calls I made to MarketUS.com. Are you, Guy?
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Seeking MarketUS.com victims

15 Jul 2009
I hired MarketUS. It is owned by Michael Price. I hired them to get me onto the GSA schedule. They ended up stealing money from me and justifying it by saying I ordered "Coaching". They lied. I am out $9,000 with little to show for it. I could pursue the DIY GSA that cost me $5,000. But they are insisting that I ordered the Coaching and my anger and frustration is making it impossible to work with them. Have you worked with Mike Price, Deane Trone, Jeff Connell or Guy Trone at MarketUS.com?
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Letter to Reporter at Sun Sentinel in Fort Lauderdale

27 Jan 2010

I wrote this letter to Cyndi Metzger, a business reporter at the Sun Sentinel in South Florida, the local newspaper of MarketUS.com. I wonder if Michael Price subscribes?

Dear Ms. Metzger -

My name is Stuart Kushner. I am a small businessman in Washington, DC. My company is www.ProgOffice.com. I have a story. I hired www.MarketUS.com to get my company on the GSA schedule and they ended up stealing $4,000 from me. They transferred funds from my bank account (I naively gave them access), created fake invoices, and kept $4,000 of my money. Since they stole from me, I was unable and unwilling to work with them. So, the initial (authorized) payment was a waste. So, I am out $9,000 and I am not on the GSA Schedule.

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