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Written by Stu Kushner

Best Practices for Your Company’s Cable Management – Part 2

Part 2 will cover Avoid Overloaded Cable Trays; Cable Lengths Should Be Considered, and Color Code Your Cables.


Avoid Overloaded Cable Trays


Cable trays extending from the ceiling should be sufficiently large to prevent the crushing of cables and signal degradation. Cable trays are overloaded; they pose a hazard for people underneath because they might fall and cause injuries.


When cables are no longer used, they should be removed from the tray rather than trimmed at the ends and left inside. It is a good practice to take an annual inventory of all overhead cables to ensure that abandoned cables are removed.


Cable Lengths Should Be Considered


Having a bit of slack in cable runs is desirable, but it should not be excessive. When cables are too tight, it will cause stretching and stress at the connection point.


When servers are installed close to each other, and a one-foot patch cable is sufficient, do not use a three-foot cable just because it is available. Excessive slack can lead to kinks and tangles. Using too long cables can lead to a disorganized and hazardous mess.


Buying custom-made cables can be an effective best practice. Although this can be costly for small installations, having the right length for a large installation can save money and eliminate the need to crimp numerous cables.


Color Code Your Cables


Although some may prefer using a single color for cables because it appears more “professional,” installing color-coded cables is a better choice in many situations. Color coding promotes organization, and it can make troubleshooting much easier.


There are several standards in use for color coding cables. Choose a standard that your team thinks will work best for your facility and maintain it in the future. A standard will set a color to designate a specific purpose for how a cable is used. Combining color coding with labeling will make organizing and troubleshooting cabling much easier.


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