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Why Small Businesses Need Structured Cabling – Part 1

21 Apr 2021
Companies that have outdated cabling infrastructure will suffer from equipment unreliability and more network downtime. As a result, the efficiency and productivity of employees is reduced, decreasing a company’s ability to generate revenue. It may have been years since your organization installed its existing network cabling, and the cables are now unable to handle modern data demands.
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Advantages of Cat6a for Structured Cabling Infrastructure – Part 1

4 Mar 2021
Over the span of their careers, cabling and network professionals will encounter various Ethernet cabling standards. They range from the outdated Cat3 standard, to Cat5e, then all the way to today’s top-performance Cat8 standard for modern data centers. For today’s installations, Cat6 or Cat6a cables are the most commonplace. These cables are utilized for the connections of desktops, laptops, WiFi access points, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.
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Best Practices for Data Center Cabling & DCIM Software – Part 1

2 Feb 2021
A growing number of companies are realizing how important proper cable management is for their data centers. Thus, they are focusing more resources on their network infrastructure. Although they may properly design and execute the cable installation, they may have trouble implementing smart and effective cable management in their data centers because the task is becoming increasingly complex.
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Optimum Data Flow Via Structured Cabling

27 Jan 2021
A structured cabling system is a strategic asset that promotes data flow and the sharing of IT resources across every department of a company. It carries the data of an organization, connecting people, technology, and systems.
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