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Why Structured Cabling is Crucial for Infrastructure – Part 1

20 Sep 2020
The integrity of every network depends on the quality of its structured cabling. However, many do not understand how crucial this is. IT managers are often satisfied with the status quo. Some believe other aspects should receive greater priority over cabling. Unfortunately, only after cables are installed is it discovered that devices are unable to connect or run very slowly. Moreover, fixing the problems can be quite expensive if corners were cut during installation.
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Basics of Low Voltage Wiring for Businesses – Part 1

9 Jul 2020
Also called structured wiring, low voltage cabling or wiring is used for supporting communication equipment and digital technology to help them work consistently and efficiently. Featuring several sets of complex wiring, commercial buildings and facilities typically have audio, computer networking, HD video, network data, telephone, and Wi-Fi systems. Each can be supported by a low voltage wiring network independent from standard electrical wiring.
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Security Systems and Structured Cabling – Part 2

12 Mar 2020
As discussed in Part 1, if your company is planning the installation of access control readers and locks, data servers, or surveillance cameras, the project will require structured cabling to support these security system components. Part 2 will discuss Access Control and Wire Concealment & Protection.
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An Overview of Cat6a for Your Next Cable Installation

5 Feb 2020
Introduced in 2009, Category 6a cable (Augmented Category 6) can support data transfer rates ranging up to 10Gbps at a bandwidth of 500MHz. Superior to the preceding cable categories, the increased performance of Cat6a can be attributed to the tighter and additional twists of its wires and thicker insulation for the significant reduction of crosstalk.
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