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Why Smart Offices Use Zone Cabling Architecture — Part 1

22 Dec 2019
In order to support the modern workforce’s demands, open floor plans and collaborative areas are now typical features of today’s offices. In addition, the trend to efficient and connected offices has led to the introduction of new technologies, and cabling infrastructure has had to evolve. The following discusses zone cabling architecture, which is capable of supporting both existing and future solutions in smart offices.
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Upgrade Your IT Infrastructure with Structured Cabling – Part 1

20 Nov 2019
The foundation of every modern company is solid IT infrastructure. Being capable of managing and storing important and sensitive data allows a business to focus on growing its business and generating revenue. However, many organizations do not invest adequate resources to meet this end. It is not uncommon for some to use the break/fix model, rather than employing a sustained, consistent effort with structured cabling to future-proof their businesses.
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What You Should Expect From a Structured Cabling Provider

26 Oct 2019
Your organization is planning to install a new structured cabling solution in your facility, and you expect improved connections, speedier information transmissions, and greater productivity. However, you may not know what to expect from a structured cabling provider. The following will discuss what to anticipate from their team.
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