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Written by Stu Kushner

How Structured Cabling Supports Security Systems – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss Advanced Video Surveillance, Leveraged Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Fully Integrated Access Control.

Advanced Video Surveillance

Significant advances in video surveillance have been made since the introduction of CCTV. An IP-enabled system provides support to camera features such as high resolution, motion activation, panning, panoramic views, tilting, and zooming. These features may assist investigators in the identification and prosecution of criminals.

A digital surveillance system allows feeding video footage to servers for storage and future access. Streamlined setup and video management software enable access to analytics that will enable your team to evaluate your system’s effectiveness.

Structured cabling will be needed for supporting surveillance servers and transferring high-resolution files. In addition, cameras can be installed in hard-to-reach places like parking facilities, which allows setting up wireless mesh networks and other solutions for digitizing cameras wherever required.

Leveraged Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Many consider the greatest advantage to implementing a structured cabling network is that it maximizes PoE connections for video surveillance and access control systems. Rather than powering access controls, cameras, and servers via outlets, they can supply electricity over an ethernet network.

The first advantage of using PoE is the simplification of the installation of a security system. Thus the need to install and use wiring for power is greatly reduced, which also decreases maintenance, repairs, and associated costs.

Fully Integrated Access Control

Enabling automation, an upgrade to IP-enabled access controls permits the integration of time entry solutions and eases the scheduling and programming of access for several employees. In addition, these solutions can be integrated with video surveillance, lighting, and alarm systems to create a total security suite.

An access control system can be integrated with an existing database, which allows a company to gather information and share it with legal, security, and policing professionals. A structured cabling system can help properly build a network for filing, storing, and transmitting this sensitive information in an efficient and secure manner.

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