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Technical & Application Requirements of Network Design – Part 2

30 Jun 2018

Office Cabling Network CablingAs discussed in Part 1, contemporary network design requires meeting the technical and application requirements of ever expanding and evolving IT and business demands.

Part 2 will continue discussing Application Requirements.

Importance of User Expectation

Networks or IT technologies that are unable to achieve a satisfactory level user expectation or QoE (quality of experience) will be considered to have failed meeting an important business goal. As a result, they will be considered a cost, rather than tools that allow a business to succeed.

A network’s design must take into account how a satisfactory level of user experience will be attained. From the point of view of a user, QoE when utilizing services and applications will determine their level of satisfaction.

The deployment of services and applications before taking into account their features and network requirements will result in a failure to achieve business goals.

To illustrate, a financial services company that wants to provide a video communication application to their customer service representatives, but fails to secure enough bandwidth, will likely frustrate their reps and displease their customers when calls are dropped or interrupted because of excessive latency. Thus, their corporate goal of differentiating themselves from their competitors will be a failure until they meet the network requirements of the application.

Evaluation of Application Requirements

Network designers should keep in mind their responses to the key questions below for the evaluation of application requirements:

  • What are the application’s features and characteristics?

  • What is the length of time the application needs to reset its session or state after losing connectivity?

  • What is the amount of network traffic that is required by the application?

  • How important is the application to the organization and what is the service level it will require to function properly?

  • For its compliance with industry regulations and company security polices, will the application have separation requirements?

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Planning the Cabling for Your New Location – Part 2

15 Jun 2018

Data Cabling Installation | Office Cabling Washington DCAs discussed in Part 1, moving often overwhelms staff, and cabling for data, power, communications, and security may not be prioritized adequately. Part 2 will discuss Health & Safety, Flexibility, Future Growth, and Structured Cabling. Consult with an experienced and expert cabling company prior to starting your project to get the best results.

Health & Safety

Consideration should be given to the health and safety of both employees and staff when planning the cabling at your new facility. Wiring that provides connections to equipment and telecommunications and power companies should not endanger the welfare of people by blocking emergency exits, ventilation ducts, and cooling systems.

Ensure that regulatory compliance for securing certain types of sensitive or personal data will be met. This will require locating data storage, servers, and equipment processing transactions properly. Their positions should be considered during the mapping process.


Market conditions can become very fluid, and perhaps only a brief time after moving into a new location will an organization have to make changes in its cabling. Well-designed structured cabling will ensure flexibility that allows a company to make additions and revisions in the most efficient and fastest manner possible to reallocate resources.

Future Growth

The cabling of an organization should give allowance for future expansion of its IT infrastructure. The growth of its business may require the company to seek greater bandwidth, increased communication channels, more electrical power, and additional space. Although the future of a business is often very hard to predict, it is still possible to make projections given the current market and its prospects in the coming years.

Structured Cabling

Having your data, communications, and power cabling installed by several different contractors will work against a properly configured cabling system. This haphazard approach may also result in higher management and maintenance costs. Governed by proven industry standards, a structured cabling system will provide a company an integrated IT infrastructure that allows for ease of maintenance, flexibility, and expansion.

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Founded in 1986, Progressive Office’s success has been a direct result of years of commitment to seeking solutions on behalf of our clients in the Washington, D.C. and New York City areas. Efficiently working together, Progressive teams get cabling installed and operating as fast as possible while minimizing disruption and downtime. Call our toll free number (800) 614-4560 today.

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Constant Contact is Critical for Business Success

29 Jun 2011

Network Cabling, Data Cabling, Cat5e, Cat6/6a Cabling,voip Creating a happy and loyal customer base is difficult, if not impossible, without the ability to stay in contact. By upgrading from a traditional land line based phone system to a much more versatile VOIP phone system you can provide your employees with the communication platform they need for success.

Unlike traditional land line based business phone systems a voice over internet protocol system can easily be integrated with other methods of communication. With VOIP calls can be easily forwarded to cell phones and voice mail messages can easily be forwarded to e-mail inboxes. This allows employees to stay in contact with coworkers, vendors and customers regardless of their location. By facilitating communication between all parties involved in a business transaction VOIP makes it easier to instill confidence in customers and strengthen business relationships.

In addition to making communication easier upgrading to a VOIP phone system can also make office accounting operations easier. Instead of receiving multiple bills from different service providers for equipment, maintenance, long distance and overall usage the accounting department will only receive one simple bill per month.

An added bonus that goes along with minimizing the paperwork when it comes to billing is the fact that the total cost of VOIP is much smaller. Businesses who switch to VOIP service can expect all of the features and functions that they need for efficient communication at a savings of more than 50% compared to a traditional service. This makes VOIP a smart choice for any business that is looking to improve relationships at the same time that they work to improve their bottom line.

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Change is Good with VOIP

3 Jun 2011

Data Cabling,VOIP,Network CablingVOIPSome small business owners who are experiencing success are leery to make an upgrade to new technology for fear that the disruption may be damaging.  In the case of VOIP phone service though the convenience, reliability and potential savings make upgrading something that every business owner should consider.

You may be completely satisfied with

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Extending your Reach with VOIP

1 Jun 2011

voip phoneIf you are hoping to maximize the success of your small business there is a good chance that you’ll need customers or clients that extend beyond your town, region or state.  The problem for many small businesses lies in the fact that reaching out to these non local customers (and vendors) can be exceedingly expensive with traditional telephone service.

Frequent long distance calling can have a profound impact on what is likely to be an already reasonably high phone bill.   With traditional phone service you probably pay extra for features like voicemail, caller ID, conference calling and an additional rate per minute for calls outside

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VOIP Features Improve Employee Productivity

23 May 2011

Network Cabling,VOIP PHONE SYSTEMIf your business is still operating with traditional “land line” phone service you are missing a valuable opportunity to increase each employee’s productivity by increasing the ease of connection.  With your current system your two most often used forms of customer communication, phone and e-mail, are entirely separate.  VOIP can integrate your phone service with other integral modes of office communication like e-mail and fax to make communication on all fronts much easier and much more convenient.

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Taking Connectivity with You with VOIP

20 May 2011

Office Cabling, Network Cabling,VOIP-Phone Your current business phone system may be reliable and have plenty of features that you feel your business can’t do without, but even the greatest traditional business phone systems have limitations.  That crowded closet full of phone equipment nestled in some corner of your office, that your business phone service needs to function, allows you to only use within the office setting.

By switching your current business phone service to a much more convenient VOIP service you’ll be giving your most important form of communication portability.  You can connect with your customers and vendors via your VOIP service from your office,

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Simplifying Communications with a VOIP Phone System

13 May 2011

Office Cabling, Network Cabling,voip communication Traditional business phone systems consist of a tremendous amount of complicated equipment tucked into a communications closet somewhere within your office.  If you plan on making upgrades, additions or you just want to grow your business that equipment will likely have to undergo some serious changes that could take valuable time to implement.  You are at the mercy of a field technician’s schedule every time a change or upgrade needs to be made to your equipment.

If you are looking for an easier, more efficient and more effective mode of phone communication

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