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Written by Stu Kushner

Why Solid Cabling Is Important for Our Schools – Part 2

Part 2 will discuss Common Cabling Hardware and How Solid Cabling Supports Teaching.

Common Cabling Hardware


In most cases, a school already has hardware supporting Cat5e cables at minimum, which has been universal in the cabling industry as they are the most cost effective. However, upgrading to a minimum standard of Cat6a cables will result in a significant improvement in reliability. Now well established as the minimum requirement for new installations and upgrades, Cat6a has been adopted by numerous data centers, universities, and hospitals.


How Solid Cabling Supports Teaching


Communication – Having reliable internet connectivity at higher bandwidths made possible by higher quality cabling will help improve communication within a school and with other educational facilities. Online web conferencing will be smoother and video won’t have the buffering and stuttering that often comes with poor connectivity.


Video Aids – When using video that is streamed from a website, instructors will need a consistently reliable internet connection for effectively teaching in their classrooms. If other speakers located in remote locations are needed to support a class via a video feed, strong connectivity will be essential to avoid the buffering and stuttering mentioned previously.


Online Courses – Solid cabling infrastructure provides the technical foundation instructors require to teach their students in the modern classroom. This is especially true for online courses that are streamed live. Poor internet connectivity will make interaction between instructors and students difficult because of poor video and audio quality. Some teaching material is supported by streaming video to students, and higher bandwidth will be required.


Conclusion – Structured cabling that is properly installed with high quality equipment can provide significant benefits to educational facilities. In contrast, poor cabling infrastructure can leave the impression that a school is not meeting the needs of their students.


High quality cabling infrastructure can provide important benefits to schools, such as better reliability, greater connectivity, improved communication, increased inclusion of disabled students, and the ability to support newer technology.


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