Written by Stu Kushner

Invest in DCIM Software for Efficient Cabling Management – Part 1

As more data centers implement DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) software, your organization may be considering investing in improving your network cabling management.

Using Excel spreadsheets, in-house databases, and Visio drawings for managing the data center infrastructure is prone to errors, time-consuming, and vulnerable to inaccuracies because many revisions occur during operations.


Fortunately, a DCIM solution can optimize your facility’s performance, increase the efficiency of processes, ease cabling management, and save a significant sum of money. The following will discuss why DCIM implementation is worth the investment.


Savings of Time & Money


Providing key management tools, DCIM software eases organizing, locating, and storing information associated with physical layer assets. Storage capacity for data centers is quite costly. The typical data center underutilizes its existing infrastructure. This has led to companies expanding their storage capacity before maximizing their existing resources.


Teams working without a DCIM will find it very challenging to track all of the assets of their data centers. Investing in a DCIM solution is worthwhile just for this purpose alone.


Efficiency of Cabling Management


A data center’s cabling is a crucial component of its infrastructure. Unfortunately, its management is usually overlooked even though it is quite important. Inaccurate and infrequent record-keeping of cabling assets will often result in more downtime and higher expenses because of the reductions in efficiency and reliability.


Implementing a proven DCIM solution will raise cable management to an equal level as managing a data center’s devices, equipment, and racks. Your team will have the necessary tools for comprehensively managing your IT infrastructure, including its smallest components.


Data Center Visualization


Accuracy in visualization will allow you to properly organize a data center, including its rooms, racks, devices, cables, and ports. DCIM software allows viewing 2D or 3D representations of a data center and all of its features. This feature will let your team plan and perform MACs (moves, additions, and changes) much more easily. DCIM tools will also allow your team to troubleshoot network issues remotely, decreasing the need for technicians to conduct on-site inspections.

Part 2 will discuss why investing in a DCIM solution is worthwhile.


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