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Data Center Cabling Management Best Practices – Part 1

Solid data center cabling management is important for a company’s expansion. When planning your data center, it is crucial to prioritize cabling management to ensure your IT system is not impeded by poor documentation and disorganized cables.

Unfortunately, the required tasks can be complicated and thus neglected by IT professionals. As systems increase in complexity, the technical requirements of data centers will grow. This makes it even more important to implement the best data center cabling management practices, as discussed in the tips below.

Prioritize Cabling Management During Design

Pittsburgh PA,, Progressive Office CablingDuring the design phase of your network, be sure to prioritize data center cabling management. As your structured cabling infrastructure plans take form, consider whether the middle or top of the rack will be used for switching. Another key question is choosing between fiber and copper cables. Spend time also thinking about the type of equipment that will be utilized, factoring in the bandwidth and port density of servers while designing your data center’s infrastructure. The above considerations will give you a head start on implementing best practices for data center cabling management.

Be Sure to Plan and Document

Before carrying out the cabling installation in your data center, it is crucial to already have a detailed plan in place. Moreover, it is also important that it is documented if someone has to refer to any details in the future.

It would be best to remember that the same individuals may not carry out MACs (Moves, Additions, and Changes) at your facility. Thus, it will bear dividends when there is clear documentation regarding how the cabling installation was performed, including the organization of connections.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software can assist your team considerably in planning, documenting cabling installation in detail, and managing your IT infrastructure afterward.

Part 2 will discuss more best practices for data center cabling management.

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