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Written by Stu Kushner

Top Business Benefits of Access Control Systems

Security is very important for businesses of every size. Protecting confidential data, employees, equipment, and inventory should be a management priority.


One way to strengthen a facility’s security is to install an access control system (ACS). It will permit or prevent access to a specific area, building, room, or location. The following will discuss the top business benefits of access control systems.

1) Management Simplified


An access control system can simplify the management of employee credentials, entrance security, and personnel tracking. Modern ACS are capable of tracking and monitoring entryway activity from a single remote location.


2) Monitor All Activity


An access control system can track guests, delivery drivers, and visitors. The ability to monitor activity can help deter crime.


3) Adjust Personnel Access


The software of access control systems can set and adjust the access periods of employees, groups, and visitors. For example, an employee might only be permitted access to a certain area from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.


4) Specific Access Credentials


Specific credentials, such as badges, can be required to limit personnel access to strengthen security in sensitive areas of a facility.


5) Eliminate the Inconvenience of Keys


Physical keys can be inconvenient for creating, replacing, and tracking them. Electronic passes are more convenient and offer features that can strengthen your company’s security.


6) Streamline Entry & Exit


Streamlining access to a facility can save time and effort in managing personnel entry & exit and aid in security.


7) Strengthen Security


The implementation of an ACS will allow the monitoring of personnel within a facility. Data can be gathered regarding the entry and exit of employees, visitors, and guests at specific locations. Security can be enhanced by limiting access to sensitive areas.


Should a security breach occur, logged reports of personnel access can be reviewed to determine who may have committed illegal activity. A facility’s ACS can aid criminal investigations of unauthorized and unlawful entries.


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