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Written by Stu Kushner

Most Effective Tips for Network Upgrades – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, network upgrades are a technical challenge as the result will have an impact on every component of a company’s IT infrastructure. It is especially important to prioritize cabling installation because of its central role in a company’s data network. Part 2 will cover Strategy for Rollout, Possibility of Reversal, Future-Proof Planning, and Training of Support Staff.


4) Strategy for Rollout


An implementation strategy must strike an ideal balance between the speed of the rollout and minimizing technical risks. Some features of network upgrades, particularly the installation of new cabling, will reach a stage during the process where undoing the changes will not be feasible and unreasonable. Make sure your deployment strategy clearly outlines the date of no return.


5) Possibility of Reversal


Since there is a chance that your rollout strategy can derail, planning a strategy for reversal is wise because it will enable your team to roll back and restore some aspects that existed before the upgrade process began. Even though reversal may never occur, it is imperative that your team is prepared in the event it is necessary and there is no other alternative.


6) Future-Proof Planning


A network upgrade plan must not only meet the current needs of an organization, but it should also create a plan that ensures meeting its future needs. Gathering accurate network usage metrics and generating accurate baseline data are needed for reliably forecasting future growth and ensuring the network upgrade stays viable for up to 10 years in terms of the cabling. The minimum standard for new installations of ethernet cabling is currently Cat6a, which can help extend the service life of your network upgrade.


7) Training of Support Staff


The people who design, engineer, and implement a network upgrade probably won’t be the same people who will provide technical support when it enters the production phase. This outcome is much more likely for larger companies and especially those who hire consultants to perform the network upgrade. Thus, it is crucial that support personnel are properly trained to ensure the network upgrade will stay effective throughout its service life.


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