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Upgrade to Cat6a to Future Proof Your Business – Part 1

22 Dec 2020
Selecting the proper Ethernet cable will ensure your network will be capable of providing high-speed Internet, which is essential for every modern business. Your company may need to upgrade its network infrastructure by installing Category 6a (Cat6a) cabling. These high-tech cables are capable of performance superior to previous categories.
For example, we are now in the era of PoE (Power over Ethernet), and Cat6a cables are better suited for delivering electricity to devices than older cables.
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Basics of Low Voltage Wiring for Businesses – Part 2

14 Jul 2020
As discussed in Part 1, commercial buildings and facilities typically have audio, computer networking, HD video, network data, telephone, and Wi-Fi systems. Each can be individually supported by its own low voltage wiring network, which can be integrated, monitored, and controlled with the others under a single system. Part 2 will discuss Security and Workplace Communication Systems.
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An Overview of Cat6a for Your Next Cable Installation

5 Feb 2020
Introduced in 2009, Category 6a cable (Augmented Category 6) can support data transfer rates ranging up to 10Gbps at a bandwidth of 500MHz. Superior to the preceding cable categories, the increased performance of Cat6a can be attributed to the tighter and additional twists of its wires and thicker insulation for the significant reduction of crosstalk.
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