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Written by Stu Kushner

Future Proof Your School With 6 Cabling Strategies – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the Department of Education found that students achieved their learning goals up to 80% percent faster using a tech-based instruction approach, rather than traditional teaching methods. Part 2 will discuss six cabling strategies that will help future proof your school.


Six Cabling Strategies for Future Proofing Schools


1) Leverage the existing IT infrastructure of the school. First, conduct an inventory and then a thorough and accurate evaluation of the current equipment. Determine what is outdated and needs to be replaced, what additional items are needed, and what can be retained.


2) Consult with school’s end users. Teachers, students, and administrators must be able to give an opinion on what they need. In other words, the technical team should not be the only ones making the decisions regarding the IT infrastructure. For example, iPads might need to be prioritized over PCs in terms of the network configuration because of the needs of the children.


3) Make upgrades as needed. A school’s IT infrastructure must also support security and surveillance equipment. A school-wide audio-visual system with monitors, speakers, and wiring will also be required. The HVAC system may also need to remotely control the environment in some areas.


4) Implement flexible technologies. Cat6a cabling is currently the minimum standard cable category for new installations, including educational facilities. Aiding your future-proofing efforts, Cat6a cables should be able to handle the future bandwidth needs of your school for at least the next seven to 10 years.


5) Wireless may be the future. The need for wireless access and the use of mobile devices are both rapidly growing. A solid technology backbone is needed to support Wi-Fi for the school campus. Consult with experts regarding the number of wireless access points that will be needed to support all the classrooms in your school.


6) Prepare for the future. Even though your existing IT infrastructure may seem adequate, consider augmenting it to prepare for the future. The ever increasing demand for more bandwidth will not be stopping soon.


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